Climbing the Matterhorn (4478 m.)

The normale italiana is the same way that the first climbers, first guides of the company, with Jean-Antoine Carrel (named Il Bersagliere), together with his roped party the famous abbot and historian Amé Gorret.
Once reached at mountain hut Oriondé/Duca degli Abruzzi (next to Cross Carrel, the way slopes up a long series of plates up to Colle del Leone where it starts the climbing towards the peak. The break by the suggestive Carrel hut allows to recover strength for the next day, when at dawn the guide and his client, crossing Pic Tyndall and its dizzy panorama of the Jordan ladder, will reach the summit and will touch together the Cross erected in 1902.
The other three ridges are also practicable. The ridge of the Hörnli has to be considered as the normal Swiss way on which climbed first time Edward Whymper with his guides. Both ridge Furggen than Zmutt, less crowded, are rich of challenging passages.

John Ruskin, painter and poet of the English romanticism, has defined Matterhorn the noblest rock of Europe.
The holiness and nobility that Matterhorn provokes are coming from condition of loneliness comparing to the mountains around and from his pyramid shape; however which pharaon or princess o human being simply would deserve a mausoleum of that size and beauty?
What we know is that Matterhorn has attracted men who have never enough of it, men who looks at it from the Breuil, painters, poets, writers to describe its majesty.
From 1865, year of the conquest, our guides climb it regularly to take willing clients to climb or challenge it in a new way.

Lion Ridge: € 1200 - 1 person
Hörnli Ridge: € 1200 - 1 person
Trav. Via Italy – Switzerland: € 1400 - 1 person
Furggen Ridge: Private Negotiation - 1 person
Zmutt Ridge: Private Negotiation - 1 person

Price includes:
Mountain guide service and insurance.
Possibility to rent the technical stuff (ice axe, crampon, harness) at the office.

Price does not include:
Halfboard in J.A Carrel hut (cost: 25€) and (optional) the 4WD taxi to get to the Duca degli Abruzzi hut (cost: 20-50 €/person depending on the number of the people transported) .

From June to October depending on weather forecast

mountaineers with great athletic training and with experience on different mixed grounds.

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