Luigi Amedeo di Savoia's hut

Custom made in Turin by C.A.I, has been strip down and carried to the foot of the Matterhorn in 1893 where has been reassembled at 3840 mt on the Cresta del Leone (named the Italian way), the mountain hut has been dedicated to Prince Luigi Amedeo di Savoia Duca degli Abruzzi for his several climbing expeditions.
Given by Club Alpino Italiano ( C.A.I.) to SocietÓ Guide del Cervino in 1995, the Lodge became a mountain hut for the history of mountaineering. In 1968 a new and bigger mountain hut Jean-Antoine Carrel has been built and took over 10 meters below.
Built on wooden boards, the main fašade highlights, based on the board irregularity, as of the mountain hut has been founded and adapted to the rocky ground and its trace is evident also on the wood below the metal sheet coverage. The sides covered in metal sheet were positioned north and east for clear reason of thermic isolation due to the lack of sun exposure. The windows originally based on the south and west fašade have small dimensions in order to benefit from the minor heat loss possible.
The mountain hut had 10 sleeping area on two large wooden boards covered by horsehair mattress. Inside, totally built in wood, it was heated by a small stove with its external chimney facing down in order not to be blocked by the snow. 2003 landslides on the Matterhorn have almost compromised the integrity of the hut and in order to preserve its indemnity and constitute a memorial, the SocietÓ Guide del Cervino has taken it down.

Strip it off on site during summer 2004 has been transported to the bottom of the valley, rebuilt and placed in front of the office of Guide del Cervino to become a museum of mountaineering history and protagonist of memories to all who have visited and lived with.


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