Club Amici del Cervino

Club Amici del Cervino was born in 1965 to celebrate first century of the conquest of the Matterhorn and its related organised events.
Wanted by Count Guido Monzino, Chairman and by Jean Bich, President of the Guides, aiming to unify ideally all mountaineers that have climbed the Matterhorn with a guide from that company, to pass on each other passion, effort and satisfaction in that climbing.
As the year goes by, the interest for the Club decreases: the lack of an headquarter doesn’t allow at the Ufficio Guide to organise activities such meeting, idea and experience exchanges which was the base of the Club birth.
In 1999, thanks to the President Andrea Perron, a meeting has been organised to gather all the members and involve them in a new projet to build an official headquarter for the Club Amici del Cervino.
In 2002, the President Walter Cazzanelli and Rinaldo Carrel, with the contribution of local Amministration in Valtournenche, and its mayor Giorgio Pession call to assemble all the members for a general meeting, where guidelines of the charter are being defined.
Years of intense and hard-working activity, in 2009 a new house for the Guide del Cervino has officially opened, thanks to the availability of the Società Cervino S.p.A., landlord, the Assessorato al Turismo Regionale, to the sacrifice of the Guides, leaded from President Lucio Trucco, to the Amici Franco Oberti, to Count Franco Grandi and his daughter Allegra, to Giovanni Herin, to Mrs Rita Ajmone Cat, to Rinaldo Carrel, to Mrs Gisella Alberti, to Prof. Giovanni Zanetti, to Antonio Carrel, to Luigi Pession, to Avv. Vittorino Chiusano, to Mrs Trabaldo and to great secretary of the guides Adriana Pession….. to mention a few people next to the Idea and constantly in contact with the guides and his friends.

Guide del Cervino house

The house has been built in traditional style, structured in reinforced concrete and  steel beam… On the ground floor there is the reception with a big table and furniture for the office; a corner to relax and a manager office.
In the below area, there is a garage and the warehouse for the Emergency and material for the mountaineering activities and a meeting room equipped for movies, conferences, etc.. There is also a dedicated alpine library.
The elevator takes to a room based below the roof, which will be equipped for a museum.
Knowing and respecting the history of Matterhorn and of his guides must contribute to transfer new lymph for future full of hope and activity for the new generation.
As of today the members are more than 600.